Our vision: full access and participation for deaf in Aotearoa / New Zealand

Deaf Association Manawatu


Deaf Aotearoa Services


Our activities are designed to create opportunities for the Deaf community. Our main aims are to, with the community, raise awareness, access and advancement. Whenever possible, we provide Deaf New Zealanders with the knowledge, information, resources and skills they need to achieve their goals and be independent in their everyday lives.


We work with Deaf people in all areas of their lives including:

  • Providing access to information and services
  • Offering Deaf Awareness training to businesses
  • Facilitating ongoing academic research and providing resources for local and national government
  • Lobbying for better access to opportunities and services on behalf of New Zealand's Deaf communities
  • We promote New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL), which became one of New Zealand's three official languages in 2006. More than 29,000 New Zealanders use this unique means of expression and communication either fully or partially in their day-to-day lives. Each year, New Zealand Sign Language Week helps advance NZSL and raise awareness about the Deaf community.


Deaf Aotearoa also represents New Zealand Deaf internationally as members of the World Federation of the Deaf


You can find us at:

Level 1, United Building

74 The Square

Palmerston North 4410


Ph/TTY: (06) 357 5942

Fax: (06) 357 5700


Our office hours are:

9.00 am - 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday



Email our staff:

Graeme Love, Regional Manager graeme.love@deafblablabla.org.nz

Jill Broom, Regional Administrator jill.broom@deafblablabla.org.nz

Suzanne Hanson, Community Relations Officer suzanne.hanson@deafblablabla.org.nz

Annette Scott, Service Co-ordinator annette.scott@deafblablabla.org.nz

Lianna Kennedy, Employment Consultant/Transition Co-ordinator  lianna.kennedy@deafblablabla.org.nz


Find out more at our national website: www.deaf.org.nz



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