Reducing risks - improving outcomes

Manawatu Stroke Foundation




The Stroke Foundation provides information and support to people with a stroke, their family/whanau and caregivers. Our network of Field Officers and stroke support clubs assist the stroke-affected community. We also provide information through literature and videos.


Our Vision is to:

  • save lives
  • improve outcomes
  • enhance life after Stroke


Our Services:

  • Field Officers: A team of trained Field Officers is available to discuss any stroke-related problems. Field Officers make hospital or home visits, advise on services available in the community, liaise with Stroke Clubs and provide ongoing support to stroke families. The field officer network can also help with questions about carer relief programmes and how to access services and funding.
  • Spouse Support Groups: Groups are organised for spouses and caregivers to meet and share their experiences and gain support from one another. You might wish to connect with other caregivers through the Stroke Forum.
  • Stroke Clubs: Stroke Clubs meet regularly all over New Zealand to unite people who have had a stroke for mutual support. They encourage participation in activities and organise outings.
  • Education: The Stroke Foundation works to reduce the incidence of stroke in the community. The risk factors for stroke are well recorded and easily identifiable.
  • Advocacy: The Stroke Foundation also has an advocacy role for people with a stroke and their caregivers.
  • Research: The Stroke Foundation promotes research into the causes of stroke, improvements in rehabilitation and stroke support needs in the community.
  • Younger Stroke Network: Meetings and social functions are arranged as required for any younger stroke people or their families requesting support or contact with each other. You might want to connect with other young people affected by stroke in some way, through the Stroke Forum



Freephone helpline: 0800 78 76 53 (0800 STROKE).



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