Supporting parents to care for children

Parentline Manawatu


Our Mission:


To eliminate child abuse and break the intergenerational cycle of abuse by providing accessible, specialised services for parents and the communities of the Manawatu.


About us:


Parentline Manawatu is a Palmerston North based, not-for-profit community organisation committed to promoting healthy family relationships. We believe that parenting can be the toughest job in the world, but also the most fulfilling and rewarding. Changes parents make can effect powerful changes within a family. Our focus is to provide support for parents.


Parentline offers, among other services, a free 24/7 parent support phone line at 0800 4 FAMILY (0800 432 6459). Calls to this number are connected to trained volunteers. These people are great listeners and dedicated to supporting parents to care for children.


We fundraise by bringing, to the Manawatu public, a parenting 'guru' (such as Nigel Latta in 2009) to speak at our Annual Parenting Event.


Our services:


  • counselling
  • parenting groups
  • annual parenting event
  • annual professional development workshop/seminar
  • parenting library, and
  • parent support phone line.



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